The Christmas List App Recensioni

I have no complaints!

Truly, I don’t. Maybe a few suggestions, but I genuinely don’t have a bad thing to say. I just downloaded The Christmas List 24 hours ago to help me get organized early, and I can’t stay off of it! It would be super cool if there was a “Stocking Stuffers” option/list, and maybe if there was a specific space/coding for a direct link to items; but even without those features I’m still super stoked about this app.

Can’t remember passcode

Love love love this app! Just can’t remember the passcode i set last year to keep my kids out. Turns out I set it so good that i can’t remember it for this new Christmas season. How do i reset my passcode?


This app keeps track of all my family and the gifts I give. I love that it shows bought wrapped and sent along with pictures.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Love this app. Makes it easy to remember I have already purchased and still need to purchase!!!

Easy to use, great app.

Love this app. I’ve used it for 5 years. It makes keeping track easy and efficient. I’ll continue to use to for the years to come.

Like the app!

Needs just two things. Sync across all devices. Second a way to contact the developer easily. Otherwise one of my favorite apps.

It drives me crazy

I put things in and they disappear. I get stuck in pages and can’t get off. When it works it’s very helpful but it drives me nuts

Does everything I need it to do

Great little app to keep track of holiday spending. Glad I found it

Control Christmas shopping chaos

Love this app! I’ve used it for past 3 years. Easy to navigate and allows me to stay on track with my budget.

Love it!!!

User friendly and exactly what I needed.

Best Christmas List App

This is by far the best list organization app I’ve found. I’ve used it for several years and I love that I can include the stores and pics of the items. Since I am someone who likes to shop all year long it is great for keeping track and really great for my budget! The only criticism I have is I wish I could actually SEE the archived gifts from years past. It’s cool it allows you to do it but not sure the point of I can’t ever see them again. I like to make sure I don’t repeat a present!!

Love this app

I absolutely love this app, it has helped me keep everything organized. I don’t have to worry about forgetting about someone. I like how it has groups so you can organize them by priority.

Best way to be organized

Love the app! I can take a photo of my purchases it keeps track of my budget and everyone on my list so I don't waste any money and I get everybody something! The lock feature for a password to get in is great too!


App is easy to use. Helps me keep track of spending. Also easy to track gifts that have been purchased. Reduces my holiday stress!


I wish it would clear noon every year

Great app!

I’ve been using it for five years.


My favorite app!! It's so helpful!

Bit confusing at times

Would be better if everything for one person could be changed on one screen. Switching back and forth between screens is time consuming and sometimes you lose your data. Otherwise, this has been my third year to use this program and it has helped me keep up with purchases and budget.

Great App!

Simple to use. Makes the holidays less stressful. Love it.

A Christmas Life-saver!

I absolutely love this app! We have a very large family with kids and grandkids. I can sort them into categories and see at a glance what each one has and what I’ve spent. Also by entering where to purchase a gift I can click on a specific store and have a shopping list created! My only wish is that the app had storage that a login would be able to retrieve the info with. When I got a new phone I had to hand input all my archives from several years as they did not transfer. Hey - maybe that’s an upgrade for this Christmas!! 😊


although Christmas isn’t about the presents it’s still a great feeling watching your kids’s faces light up when they open their presents. This app is great for planning and checking off every purchase.

Almost 5

If I could reset the app from one year to the next it’d be 5 Stars!!

Organization Made Easy!

Having so many people to keep track of, or just making sure your spreading your cheer evenly, this is an amazing app! I will use this for birthdays too.

Recommend it

Just wish it would put the info in there itself but no app does that! Lol


I really love this apt.... keeps me organized.

LOVE this app! All year long!!

This app is perfect to store gift ideas all year long and is a great reference for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions!

Christmas Ease

I love this app. So easy to jot gift ideas on the go. Very flexible even in a large family like mine (7 siblings all with families of their own - I can track everything).


Great app..attractive & easy to use!

Very handy to have!

Throughout the year I add gifts as I hear my kids talk about things they would like or I add pics as I see them in the store or online. This makes it easier when I’m shopping later. I also take pics of their stocking stuffers all in one pile so I can refer to it later to see if I need to add more. I love being able to put the price I spent on each item but I’d like to be able to choose no store if the store isn’t listed or be able to add a name. I’d also like to be able to archive gifts or lists from year to year for each person to refer to time to time so I can remember what I’ve already given them.


User-friendly and attractive application. I am flying through my Christmas list and this app is a big part of that. Would love it if you would create a BIRTHDAY LIST App! I looked for one, but was unable to find one made by you in the same style as your Christmas list. If there is one, can you please send the info on how to find it, such as the name. Thank you!

Great app for me!

I start my Christmas shopping the day after Christmas! That way I don’t have a huge bill in December. My problem WAS that I would forget that I had already bought something, and I’d have WAY too many gifts. So, now, as soon as I buy something, I put it in this app. It keeps track of the gifts I’ve purchased. It’s easy, too, though having it in a table format would be easier. I don’t like having to shift from one page to another to complete the info. In the past, I made a spreadsheet on my computer and kept the gifts on that. But, that was years ago when I had over 75 gifts to buy! I would like to see this app as a spreadsheet, so I didn’t have to keep changing pages to list gifts, costs, etc.

Love this app!

This app makes Christmas shopping for multiple people extremely easy. Allows you to establish and track items to purchase, budget per person or by groups and allows you to show all items per store for ease of shopping. I use it for Christmas and Birthdays. This is one of my favorite organizational apps!

Great app!!

I love this app. I have used it now for 3 years. If you have many people to buy for, this is a great way to keep track of what’s been purchased, wrapped, ordered, received and how much was spent on each person!! It has really helped me stay organized and on budget. It will even allow you to archive what you bought and how much was spent in previous years. The only draw back is that you have to archive each person. Really wish there was a way to archive the whole year. Thank You for such a great place to keep everything together!

So Easy

I love this app! I need organization and this app has everything you need to plan, organize and track gift giving! Great job on this app!!


What a wonderful seamless way to keep track of gift giving during one of the busiest times of the year. I so love this app.

The Christmas List App is Wonderful

The Christmas List App is kept me organized and on budget. I knew when finished with all aspects of giving, shipping etc and let me know when I was over budget. I will use again. Thank you so much....

Great help!

It was so nice not having to carry around all my lists this year! This app also helped me to track my spending and stay within a budget. Love it and will use it again next year!

An organizers dream!

We’ve used this app for a few years now and with each new enhancement you’ve made I️ become a bigger fan! Our family is scattered between states and my husband and I️ both do the shopping. Between online shopping and on-the-run shopping, keeping up with who did what, when and where can be tedious. The sorting features AND sharing features made this years shopping a snap! I️ could sort by store and see that 3 of our 4 daughters had items on their list from there. I’d show the clerk a picture of it, sizes, and I️ was done! This year I️ also used your “shipped” category to identify when Amazon notified me a package was being sent. It made it easier to track when something went missing. ...and thank you for adding the “wrapped” category. -Because of it, Christmas Eve when I️ thought I️ was all done I️ realized I️ had accidentally placed 2 small pieces inside of a Nike Box for safe keeping and wrapped them all together! Had I️ not been using the checks and balances, I’d not have known!

Love this app

This app helps me keep track of what I purchased for each person on my list as well as the amounts spent. I’ve used this for two years and will again next season!

Another Year Another Cheer ...

... for this app. I ordered a lot online this year so I still wish there was more of an ability to add links to places you are shopping and have the app move the status of a gift based on updates from the stores BUT I realize it’s expensive to integrate like that. Maybe some day. Until then I still love it and can’t wait to see you again next year.

Great for keeping all your gifts organized and a secret

Love the thumb print to open. Great list organizer. Awesome options to mark if the gift still a to do, purchased, wrapped etc.

Keeps me organized

With so many people to get gifts for, I don’t know how I would keep track without this app.

Repeat user

Love this app!! Have tried others but this one keeps me year after year. Would like to see "ordered" for online orders status so I can track them better. Would also be cool to have a way to separate "ideas" from "to do". I put all my ideas in there and my budget goes sky high!

Super easy to use

Very easy to use and track progress as you complete your shopping.


The best gift app I have ever used!

Love this app!

I would be lost without this app at Christmas time. It keeps me on task, on time, and on budget. Love it! I’ve used it for 3 or 4 years now. Wouldn’t want to face Christmas shopping, tracking, organizing without it. I’ve recommended to friends and they now swear by it, too.

Passcode Not Working

Used this app 6 yrs- keeps getting better each year! Appreciate option to use passcode, and not touch i.d. Also appreciate ability to change gift status from “to do” to “purchased”, “wrapped”, “shipped”, etc. Really makes holiday planning easy. Highly recommend! Would love to see feature expand to other customizable gift categories: birthday, Valentines, etc.

LOVE this app!

This app is so great! It really helps keep me organized and helps me keep everything even among my kids! Unlike a paper list (which I do still love) I always have it with me! I love that I have to use my thumbprint or password to open it!


Awesome app! Keeps me on track every year!

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