The Christmas List App Reviews

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Really useful app

Very useful app and great support. Only a few more tweaks are needed to make this truly wonderful

Best gift organizer yet

Super useful. Love all the options, get a lot for just a buck!


Loves this app - made gift shopping great and I could keep track of how much I spent and what I bought!

Great app!

Quick glance to check budget- great way to sort all my lists!

Never been this organized!

This app is great and has allowed be to be organized and have a budget the way I have always wanted to with shopping.


Finally an APP that works for my needs. This was the 3rd Xmas list APP I tried and Im finally satisfied. Easy to use, visually appealing and nice functionality. I like how I can add my own (local) shops or select no shop for homemade gifts, how it sorts my list by store for efficient shopping, how I can select multiple people for the same gift and how I can easily view each persons list (without having to click extra buttons). The groupings option is also nice (friends, family, colleagues, teachers, etc).

Best Gift List App

Ive used this for a few years now and its terrific for keeping track of purchases and spend.

All-in-one awesome

There is no need for a pen and paper approach. This is the only Christmas gift app you will ever need.


I like the features, particularly the fact that you can attach a photo of what youve purchased. This is especially good for people who shop in advance, like me! Ive tried a few Christmas list apps, and this one is my fave.


Its a great app, better than any other app I have used for this type of concept. No annoying glitches, no annoying ads, and beautifully organized!

Love it!

This has made life much simpler! I can keep track of people, presents, budget & make a note of where the gifts are hidden!!!

Love this app!

This app is joy to use! If I had the skills to create a Christmas shopping app, it would look just like this one!

I love this app!

It is making my Christmas shopping so much easier! You will not be disappointed!


This is a really great app and allows you to follow a budget without going over , without this I usually go over board and next thing I know Ive spent hundreds this year Ive saved hundreds with this app! It would be great if the makers out on a little icon to select that the list is complete and then shows how much youve saved within your budget if youve gone below or if you go over it should show - $$ whatever dollars . Maybe next year they will improve it. Ill be watching for this upgrade be nice to have

Great App

This is a really good app. I love the changes that have been made since last year. I have been using this app for 3 years and every year it gets better.


Love this handy little app! Its great Just archived my 2012 list. Im confused cause I can no longer see what I bought....?

First time

First time using this app for me. So far love it. Few things could be added year date and save feature as ref for each year unless I have not found that feature yet. Also iPad version would be great !!! 2012 used it, loved it... now 2013 still wish it held last years gifts. Also wish it streamlined to my iPad ... I dont want to add lists separately into both iPad and iPhone. Would like it to interface better. Other than that I love this app... Would give 5 stars if the interface between iPhone and iPad were better.


Love love love this app! Christmas shopping is so easy - and lets me do it year round without losing track.

Its kinda neat but needs improvements

There are a lot of things I like about this app over other Christmas list apps but two things need improvement. 1) I want to be able to choose a photo from my camera roll for an item and 2) there needs to better export options. To send the list including all the fields of info I entered in, the other person has to have the app. Just sending along the title is a waste of time. I want to be able to make & share my list easily.


I LOVE LOVE this App. Ive never written a review for an APP This is exactly what I was looking for. It has kept me so organized and on track this year! So many great features ~ love the progress chart and I Ive that I can organize by store, which helps me be very productive and stay on track while shopping! I will even use it to store upcoming birthday ideas and attach photos when I see something great! Great App

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